Suggestions for removing the problems of entrepreneurship development

Studium logo - Suggestions for removing the problems of entrepreneurship development
  1. Making specific policy: To perform any activities some policies should be maintained. We all shall recognize that some effective policies should be made to develop entrepreneurship. Relating organization and officials should make some specific policies for developing
  2.  Involving entrepreneurial knowledge in text book: As our education system is theoretical based so entrepreneurial knowledge should be included in textbook. So that students can achieve entrepreneurial knowledge that will be beneficiary for developing entrepreneurship in future In text book following matters should be involved or suggested to be included.
  3. offering package help : After providing training , trainee should be provided necessary help for developing industrial sector. Necessary help including fixed capital, working capital, technical men, technology, and raw material and so on. This is helpful in creating entrepreneurship.
  4. Formal arrangement of training: people who are engaged in entrepreneurial work or people who are willing to take new initiative have suggested providing training in the respective field that will be helpful for them to take initiative and operates industry smoothly. Govt. and non-govt. organization can arrange this program.
  5. Increasing gov facilities and its extensive publicity:  Govt. facilities for developing entrepreneurship are not sufficient. So govt. should provide abundant facilities for developing entrepreneurship. Govt. should also arrange extensive publicity of it’s given facilities. So that rural centered people can get these facilities. That will be very helpful in developing entrepreneurship in India.
  6. Encouragement in industrialization: Govt. and non govt. organization may encourages people towards industrialization by providing different facilities including tax redemption or tax holiday, SEZ facility,  providing raw material, capital, technical assistance et with unqualified condition.
  7. Establishment of supplementary industry: Entrepreneurship may be developed be establishing supplementary industry extensively. Some of them produce industrial product that are reproduced large industry and some of them use by product of large industry. They are also essential to develop large-scale industry.
  8. Increasing loan facilities: Most of the people establish small or large- scale industry with loan facility. Financing institution should provide sufficient loan to the entrepreneur with flexible condition and supporting paper. This program will be helpful in establishing and operating new industries and business.
  9. Exhibition of industrial product: To increase demand for industrial product govt. and non-govt. organization may arrange exhibition. Industrial fair in domestic country will be helpful in creating demand for industrial produce Industrial product may introduce in abroad. It is an important recommendation to develop entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.
  10. Reduction of tax and duty: Govt. may encourage industrialization by lessening duty rate of industrial product. That will also lessen cost of industrial product, which is helpful in capturing market. Thus, way industrialization or entrepreneurship will be developed duty on importing bank raw materials have suggested to reduce.
  11. Favorable import and export policy: Most of the basic raw materials used in industry have been imported from foreign countries. Some industrial products have produced to export as a whole So for developing industrialization and entrepreneurship proper authority should make obvious and flexible export-import policy.

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