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Some social networks are constantly adding features to enhance their online communities. within the, The benefits of RateMyProfessors are a result of its continued focus on its primary goal: Sharing feedback on college tutors. Ratings are easy to find and easy to result in at no cost to its users, And without extra social networking great features. While members can speak out using the RateMyProfessors forum, The forum is very simple and less relevant in comparison with other social network Web sites. The real value of RateMyProfessors is in its a large number of ratings over a decade of use.

RateMyProfessors includes both bad and the good feedback throughout the site, above all from undergraduates. It also includes a difficulty rating, which you’ll compare against the student’s attitude toward the class and the professor. While posting guidelines help filter out less than helpful tips, Comments often provide regarding future students.

In a 2007 article on professor ratings net, Naomi Rockler Gladen outlined some of the arguments for and against social networking sites aimed at professor ratings. however the list of arguments against cited most of what RateMyProfessors’ critics have expressed, The list of arguments for the sites explained that they give you an outlet for students to defend themselves against professors who abuse their power or try to indoctrinate them. With its side by side comparison between the pros and cons, Rockler Gladen’s article shouldn’t take a side, But asks questions that both students and professors must answer for themselves when determining the value of RateMyProfessors.

a lot of Web sites for professor ratings is growing, But they’re less built than RateMyProfessors, And they vary for their [url=]hot russian girl[/url] approach. Internet savvy students can also use google and bing to find blog entries and blurbs about professors from other social networking Web sites, But an array of yahoo and google may not seem as credible as an established site with lots of contributed ratings.


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