Characteristics of an entrepreneur

agr - Characteristics of an entrepreneur
agr - Characteristics of an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who initiates a business venture. there are some essential feature of an entrepreneur which are describe below.

  • Risk taking capability: every business has risk of time money etc .so an entrepreneur must have the risk taking capability.
  • Creativity and innovation: an entrepreneur has an initiator possesses creativity and innovative power.
  • Need for achievement: the entrepreneur has strong desire to achieve the goal of business. he is always driven by the needs for achievement.
  • Need for autonomy: an entrepreneur does not like to be under anybody. it is the need for autonomy which drives a person to be an entrepreneur.
  • Internal locus of control: an entrepreneur believes in him his work.
  • External locus of control: he also believes in fate for ultimate result.
  • Self confident: an entrepreneur has confidence in him.
  • Leadership capability: an entrepreneur must have leadership capability to lead works under him
  • Industriousness: a successful entrepreneur must have leadership capability to lead workers working under him.
  • Decision making capability: the entrepreneur has capability to take quick decision
  • Adaptability: he has the capacity to adapt with any kind of situation that arise in the enterprise
  • Foresightness: The entrepreneurs have a good foresight to know about future business environment.
  • Others: the other feature are dynamism, ambition, education and training, long term involvement, future orientation.

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