what is temperature?

Questions Category: Mechanical engineering what is temperature?
Vasudhathri kurra asked 2 months ago
2 Answers
suryam Staff answered 1 week ago

suryam Staff answered 1 week ago

The degree or intensity of heat present in a substance or object, especially as expressed according to a comparative scale and shown by a thermometer or perceived by touch.
Temperature is a measure of the average heat or thermal energy of the particles in a substance. Since it is an average measurement, it does not depend on the number of particles in an object. In that sense it does not depend on the size of it. For example, the temperature of a small cup of boiling water is the same as the temperature of a large pot of boiling water. Even if the large pot is much bigger than the cup and has millions and millions more water molecules.
We experience temperature every day. When it is very hot outside or when we have a fever we feel hot and when it is snowing outside we feel cold. When we are boiling water, we wait for the water temperature to increase and when we make popsicles we wait for the liquid to become very cold and freeze.

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